lentils with roasted beet sauce

2 servings — 60 minutes

This recipe is especially good and filling with lentils, but it's also possible to serve it on other grains or even pasta. We used beluga lentils, because they hold their shape better than brown lentils.

Beets make any dish beautiful, but it can stain your skin. Not to worry though, it doesn't stay, you'll just look like you've just killed something.

Fresh mint is key in this recipe, don't omit it. If you have a fresh supply at home, that is perfect, otherwise store-bought stalks are fine. You can keep store-bought stalks longer if you do these simple steps: first, tear off any wilted leaves, wash the mint gently, and then put the stalks in a glass with a bit of water and a bag over the top. Then, store it in a cool space.


beluga lentils115 g
vegetable bouillon375 ml


red beets3
olive oil15 ml
thyme5 g
sea salt1.25 g
black pepper1.25 g
garlic3 cloves
vegetable bouillon120 ml
balsamic vinegar15 ml
lemon juice15 ml
nutritional yeast15 g
soy milk60 ml
peppermint5 g